Nexvision Technologies and MOTIONTAG Invite Participation in a Proof-of-Concept (“PoC”) of a New MaaS Analytics Platform for the Japanese Mobility Market

Planning to apply in the areas of public transportation, logistics, smart parking, micro-mobility, etc.

Nexvision Technologies Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), which connects global startups and Japanese companies, and MOTIONTAG GmbH (Headquarters: Potsdam, Germany) invite interested companies to participate in the proof-of-concept (“PoC”) of a new MaaS analytics platform for the Japanese mobility market, which is planned to start in November 2019.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend around the world to use IoT and AI to provide users with a variety of transportation modes as one seamless mobility service. The provision of an integrated platform is expected to enhance convenience for users and provide efficient services for transport operators. Such services are also expected to become widely available in Japan in the future.

MOTIONTAG has been offering in Germany and Switzerland platforms for collecting and analysing information on locations of passengers and cargos, which enable transport operators and logistics companies to provide their own last-mile logistics services. For example, MOTIONTAG developed and conducted a PoC of a smart ticketing service prototype “TicketEasy” for Deutsche Bahn, which won the German Mobility Award in 2018.

Now Nexvision Technologies and MOTIONTAG are in the process of launching a MaaS analytics platform and invite interested companies to participate in a PoC of the platform starting in November 2019 (planned). The platform will enable transport operators and logistics companies in Japan solely or jointly with others to offer their own MaaS services, and it will ultimately contribute to the efficiency of the Japanese mobility market. The following are some of the planned PoC.
1. MaaS analysis for optimising mobility services
2. Last-mile logistics analysis for optimising delivery services by delivery operators and postal organizations
3. MaaS analysis for offering smart ticketing services
4. MaaS analysis for offering discount services for the passengers riding on specific vehicles

[MOTIONTAG Overseas Cases]
1. Offering Optimised Mobility Service “SBB Green Class” through MaaS Analytics (SBB CFF FFS)
MOTIONTAG records how customers use the different components of the mobility subscription package “Green Class” through the “SBB Daily Tracks” app to deduct information about their mobility behaviour. The gathered data from this project supports SBB to monitor how and when each individual mode of the package is being used and combined. Through the provided insights passenger profiling is made possible, allowing for an individualised adaption and optimisation of the mobility offers to different user groups.

2. PoC for Smart Ticketing (Deutsche Bahn)
Leveraging on the omnipresence of the smartphone, MOTIONTAG makes traveling easy through a hardware-independent pay-as-you-go ticketing solution that radically changes the customer experience and lowers operating costs. MOTIONTAG’s solution enables a seamless ticketing experience, with a simple check-in. MOTIONTAG’s technology detects modal changes and a journey’s end, allowing for an automated check-out. A digital sales channel increases revenues up to 20%, creates an easy to administer all-in-one solution and innovative service that is on par with new and modern on-demand mobility service providers. Simplified public transport and increased convenience yield up to 15% more ridership while insights from the MOTIONTAG technology on travel behaviour allow for direct customer interaction and ultimately customer retention.

3. PoC for Creation of Demand-based Mobility Systems Based on Users’ Behavioural Data Analysis (SBB CFF FFS and BVG)
MOTIONTAG records journeys of users based on smartphone sensors and available geo and timetable information in a battery-efficient manner. Multimodal mobility data thereby is collected across 10 modes of transport in real-time and further matched to transport lines. MOTIONTAG delivers over 80 mobility insights that inform about system usage (e.g. modal split), spatial analyses (e.g. catchment areas of stops & stations) and the passengers (e.g. POI analysis). Pain points can be flexibly resolved, passengers’ needs easily identified and demand-based mobility systems created. Real-time insights and highly granular data serve our clients’ digital shift, strengthen their position in the mobility market and promote new services that benefit internal operations and customer satisfaction (e.g. mobile ticketing, personalised travel information, crowd management, control of peak time travel, green-travel loyalty programmes).

4. PoC for Optimising Logistics (Swiss Post)
MOTIONTAG analyses PostLogistic employees’ tracks through a tracking and tracing solution that measures the individual delivery process steps (walking and car) which can be flexibly used by any employee (internal, external, temporary). On-board Units (“OBU”) which record movement data of the delivery vehicle via geofences become obsolete through MOTIONTAG’s solution. Near real-time route monitoring yields information about driving times, driving speed, setup time per vehicle, walking and waiting times or duration of the delivery’s handover. The insights power new and innovative delivery models guaranteeing speediness, flexibility and responsiveness.

5. PoC for Marketing Based on Micro-mobility Data Analysis (Micro-Mobility Operator)
Through the integration of the MOTIONTAG SDK into the “juicer“ and/or operations app of a micro-mobility service, multimodal mobility data is generated that informs about users preferences and mobility behaviours. Precise information about the service’s usage and its combination with other mobility services, helps with route optimisation and the identification of beneficial partnerships with other providers. Moreover, competitor analyses are facilitated and combined with proven sustainability aspects to authorities (e.g. first/last-mile analysis). MOTIONTAG not only measures how a service is being used but also what the service’s customer group looks like and for what purposes a journey is being undertaken. This way different customer groups and their preferences can be identified, marketing optimised and the user experience maximised (e.g. advanced bookings when arriving at station).

6. PoC for Smart Parking (Parking Providers)
MOTIONTAG’s mobility analytics helps to generate intermodal data that facilitates customer centric use cases, like smart parking. Purposes of trips are recognized and new business models for parking providers are offered based on the generated data. MOTIONTAG’s SDK creates additional information for parking providers about the purpose of the parking process, where people walked from the parking position and what distances were covered before returning to the car. Inferring on changing states of location, movement and mode of transport, the beginning and end of a parking process can be recognised and the parking position matched with the correct parking zone. This allows for precise billing for the exact parking duration and allows for chek-in/be-out (“CiBo“) parking model.

Nexvision Technologies and MOTIONTAG will conduct the PoC to consider the provision of new mobility solutions in Japan based on overseas use-cases, with an aim to provide transport operators with information on real-time traffic conditions and solutions to improve infrastructure, and to create for users an environment where passengers can travel more easily and efficiently through the one-stop service, cashless payment, and smooth transits to different transportation modes.

MOTIONTAG is a German company that provides mobility service solutions. Since its establishment in 2015, MOTIONTAG has won numerous business awards in Germany, including the German Mobility Award and the Innovationspreis Berlin Brandenburg. MOTIONTAG aims to make public transport more efficient by providing with solutions that improve real-time traffic conditions and infrastructure to transport operators. Through accurate mobility data, transport operators can adapt their strategies to actual user demand and offer their customers an easy but truly seamless travel experience that will shape travel behaviour in a more suitable manner.

[About Nexvision Technologies Inc.]
Nexvision Technologies supports the open innovation of Japanese Mobility Industries through our extensive global network. By teaming up with startups possessing cutting-edge technology, we contribute to the current technological revolution happening in Japanese society. Our focus area is the MaaS and vehicle technologies, and we pride ourselves in connecting global startups in these fields to Japanese corporations. Furthermore, our in-house engineers excel in machine learning and deep learning sectors, allowing Nexvision Technologies to develop our own algorithms as well as offer our clients insight into the technological capabilities of the startups they look at.

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